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Hound and Faire Resources

This is a listing of resources for both groups and individuals. If you have a suggestion for an entry, please send it to the Guild webmaster.

Costuming Resources

General Vendors/Supplies

The Pillaged Village Patterns, Lots of Trim, Buttons, Jewelry, More; Online Ordering
Calontir Trim Trim; Order by email
Windows Thru Time Patterns, Fabric, Trim, Accessories, etc.; Online Ordering
Historic Enterprises Mens and Womens Costumes, Arms and Armour, Re-enactment supplies; Order by email, mail or phone.
Five Rivers Chapmanry Patterns, Costumes, Fabric, Cooperage; Order by email, phone or mail.
Jas. Townsend and Son Mostly 18th Century, but has buttons and fabric goods that are very nice; Online Ordering
Smoke and Fire Tends toward 18th and 19th Century Scottish and English, but there are a few useful patterns and sundries; Online Ordering
The Renaissance Store Everything Renaissance; Online Ordering.
Grannd Garb: The Historic Supply Company Materials for creating costumes; Online ordering.
Lacis Online Catalog Patterns and costuming materials; Online Ordering.
Renaissance Flaire Period Clothing; email ordering
Another Tyme Garb, Hats, Belts, Accessories; email ordering
Gryphon's Moon Patterns, Jewelry, Miscellanea; Online Ordering
The Dye Spot Excellent peasant and lower-class merchant garb; Order by email or mail
Mailorder Costuming Resources A guide to suppliers of costuming materials.
Lavolta Press Books on Historic Costuming and Vintage Clothes Books on costuming; Order by mail only.


Silk Road Fabrics Constantly changing inventory of natural fabrics; Order by email or phone.
Phoenix Textiles Assorted fabrics. The inventory is hit-or-miss at times, but if they've got what you need, it's very cheap; Order Online
Fabrics-store.com Large selection of Linen and Cotton fabrics at good prices. (The most 100% linen fabric I've seen anywhere); Order Online


Black Horse Design Wonderful greyhound-themed silver and bronze jewelry. Other sighthound breeds also. These are not historically authentic, but they look quite nice with your garb. Her award-winning silk wall hangings are wonderful also.
Raymond's Quiet Press Authentic Period buckles and belt fittings, brooches, pendants, clasps, etc.; Online Ordering
The Crafty Celts Celtic style Brooches, bracelets, torcs, pendants, etc.; Order by email, phone or mail


Blackwork Embroidery Archives Lots of patterns for Blackwork
Hedgehog Handworks Needlework Supplies
A Stitch out of Time Images of historical embroidered artifacts, comments on technique.


Period Fabrics for 16th Century Costume A guide to choosing the right fabric for your costumes.
Tudor Gable Headdress Tudor Gable Headdress Illustrated: Step by Step Directions
Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns Elizabethan Costume
Elizabethan Costume: History and Technique By Margo Anderson Another fine Elizabethan costume reference by Margo Anderson
Elizabethan Jewelry A guide to jewelry in the Elizabethan era.
The Milanese Tailors Handbook Images from a 16th-Century tailor's handbook from Milan Italy
16th Century Fabric Consumption An interesting article on the amount of fabric used in garments, and on "standard" widths of cloth at the time.
The Garb Bag This site has quite a bit of information on Historical Costuming.
DawnPages - Costumes Good beginner's guide to RenFaire costuming. Occasionally has pieces for sale.
Elizabethan Costuming Page A wide variety of information on Elizabethan Costume.

Shoes and Leather

Footwear of the Middle Ages, by Marc Carlson A good overall educational work on Medieval footwear. Includes descriptions of techniques and materials.
Early Irish & Scottish Shoes By Master Gwylym ab Owain Historical overview of early Irish shoes, with illustrations of construction.
Florilegium: Period footwear. Period boots and shoes. Collected newsgroup and mailing list messages on period footwear.
Leatherworking in the Middle Ages By Marc Carlson. General information on medieval leatherworking materials and technique.


The Great Pattern Review Before you buy or begin a pattern, check out this site. Reviews of all kinds of patterns for historical accuracy, difficulty, and completeness of instruction. Not all patterns are reviewed, reviews are submitted by people who have used the pattern. Maintained by the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild.

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